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SPECIAL ORDERS: If you can’t find what you need from our stock, we can get you any item YKK produces in any length and color. These special orders are made specifically at the YKK factory (most likely the Macon, GA factory) and drop shipped right to your door. Lead times for special orders vary from 1-4 weeks depending on the item and factory production schedules at the time. Due to YKK factory requirements, special orders must be ordered in quantity (25-100 per color depending on the item). Please send an email to Scott at for special order requests and we will get back to you with price and lead time. In your request for a special order please provide the following:

  1. TYPE OF ZIPPER…Coil, Vislon (molded plastic), or Metal (if metal what finish of teeth…brass, aluminum, nickel, antique brass, etc.)
  2. SIZE OF THE ZIPPER…each zipper is sized with a number based on the size of the teeth…that larger the number, the bigger the teeth. Standard size is #5 and the largest size is #10. Usually the slider will have a number on the body that will tell you the size of a YKK zipper.
  3. FUNCTION OF ZIPPER…Separating Jacket Type, Open Top Closed Bottom, Closed Ends, 2-WAY, Reversible, etc.
  4. TYPE OF SLIDER ON THE ZIPPER…Locking, Non-Locking, Reversible, etc.
  5. LENGTH OF THE ZIPPER. Zippers can be ordered in any length down to 1/10th of an inch.
  6. COLOR OF THE ZIPPER TAPE. Every color under the rainbow is available from YKK.
  7. QUANTITY. Tell us how many of each zipper you are requesting because the more you order the more we can discount.
  8. Please provide pictures if you have them or YKK item codes as well as this will help us determine exactly what you need. This is not necessary but will help if available.
  9. If you need help determining any of this information you can find it on our web site. Go to About>YKK Zippers or Resources>Online Catalog.
  10. Special orders are billed at the time of the order and cannot be returned so we need to make every effort to assure you are ordering exactly the item you want.

BULK ORDERS: If you are looking to purchase a very large quantity of an item, we can offer you bulk pricing. Please email Scott at with the quantity and information on the item you wish to purchase in bulk.

BLANKET PURCHASE ORDERS: If you are interested in assuring a constant supply chain at minimal cost, we do offer blanket purchase orders. Blanket purchase orders are generally extended for 6 months to 1 year or longer. You commit to a guaranteed purchase amount of your desired items over that time and we will assure that it is delivered on the dates you specify and you are only charged at the time of shipment. For more information, please email Scott at


If you are looking to purchase bulk zippers or are looking for those hard to find industrial zippers or waterproof zippers, Quality Zipper is your source. As an agent for YKK, we can special order for you any YKK product.


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