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Below is a listing of the most frequent questions from customers. For further explanation to these questions or if you have another question that is not answered below, please email your question to

Can I order less than $100?

No, each and every order has to be $100 or more. Sorry, but we are a distributor and we have to adhere to this minimum order to provide the best service to our customers. If you have an item that needs repair, we are not the source for you. Please take that item to your local alteration shop, shoe or leather repair shop, or drycleaner and most of these businesses will repair that for you. That’s what these good folks do for a living and they will fix it like new for you.

Where do I find prices on your web site?

Go to our online order form which is located on the home page and is the 1st menu button : Shop - Order Here.
It is categorized for easy reference and contains just about every YKK item that we stock. You will notice that there are different price levels for all of the items. We have built in quantity discounts so the more you order of an individual item, the more you save!

What is the best way to order?

Whatever is easiest for you. Most customers are now using our Online Order Form on the website at It is simple and fast and has many great features such as pictures and descriptions of the items, merchandise totals as you order, safe and secure credit card payments. If you are ordering in bulk, please send an email to Scott at

Other ways to order are via email ( or mail (308 2nd Ave N Ste 201 Grand Forks, ND 58203)

I have never ordered online, is it difficult?

We designed our Online Order Form to be as easy and simple as possible. It is a very fast and simple form to fill out just like the Price List. There are simple directions at the top of the Online Order Form. Go to RESOURCES > VIDEO to view a video that shows you how simple ordering online is. If you still are having trouble even after viewing the video, please give us a call (‎1-800-245-9515‎) or send us a quick email ( and we will make sure to take care of you.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

YES. In fact the quantity discounts are built into both the Price List and Online Order Form. You automatically save when you order in quantity. There is a 15% discount when you order 12 or more of a zipper in the same length and color and up to a 30% discount when you order 100+ of a zipper in the same color and length. You save 35% on all Zipper sliders when ordered by the 100 pack. Additional quantity savings are offered on all snaps and other products as well, up to 50% or more. When ordering online these quantity discounts are automatically provided to you.
*If you buy certain items in very large bulk quantities, please email us ( for a quote for further savings that may be available.

Do you have closeouts or specials?

Yes. All closeouts and specials can only be found on the Online Order Form because they change so often.

Do you match competitors prices?

As long as we are comparing apples to apples on the same Made-In-The-USA YKK products, we can assure you that you are getting a very fair price. If you still feel we are not meeting the prices you desire, give us a call or send us an email and we will work together to find a solution. Often I hear of other distributors that sell zippers at lower prices; many times they are selling cheap, non-YKK zippers, which explain why they cost less. That is not comparing apple to apples; YKK has an obvious quality advantage and does cost more. However, it is the distributors out there that claim that they are selling discounted YKK zippers that you have to be aware of and this is why:

I can 100% assure you that every YKK zipper and part we sell are genuine YKK made zippers manufactured by YKK employees. We are not only a distributor of YKK products but an agent for you to get any YKK item that is produced. We do not manufacture zippers and we are not a jobber. Many of these distributors that claim they are selling YKK products on the cheap are only telling half the truth as they are really a jobber that combine components and make the zippers themselves. Some of the components they buy, like the sliders, are YKK but many of these so called distributors assemble these YKK parts on cheaper generic zipper chain that they get from China. The slider says YKK but the chain is not. That is what many of these distributors are able to offer lower prices. The slider says YKK but the product is not made in a YKK factory by YKK workers, which means that no quality assurances can be made on their zippers. There is no quality control and there is no way that they can back up the quality control paperwork and government safety controls that we can provide directly from YKK on all of the products that we, at Quality Zipper, distribute and quote to you.

Quality Zipper has been an Authorized Distributor for YKK for the last 35 years. All of the zippers we quote and sell are genuine YKK products that are assembled by YKK employees, the vast majority are Made-In-The USA at the YKK plant in Macon, GA. Every YKK zipper and YKK part we sell adheres to all of the quality control specs for use in clothing; all of the information and paperwork that verifies these specs can be found on the YKK website here:

Does the online order form contain all of your in-stock items?

Yes. It is constantly updated with all the items currently in stock. If you cannot find the YKK item you are looking for on the Online Order Form, we can special order it for you (see information on special orders)

Why do I have to fill out all of my information each time I order online?

We chose not to have customer information stored on the Online Order Form for a number of reasons. The main reason is that to do this we would have to require password protection to secure the information which brings in more levels of difficulty and security issues. We want to keep this as simple and as secure as possible for everyone. Adding the password layer creates another layer of difficulty and a chance that vital information could be obtained as then all of our vital customer information would have to be retained on an Internet database. As a small business, we do not want to deal with that and the complications that can result. In addition, most of our customers are appreciative that there is not an additional password to remember as we get bogged down with all the security passwords we deal with everywhere. In addition, there are many of the programs you may currently use that will auto fill all of your information for you. Google Chrome, Explorer, McAfee, etc. all will remember the information you put into any form and will automatically fill in that form for you so that capability is already available for you if you choose to use it.

I don’t see the item I want to order on either the price list or the online order form; can I place a special order?

Absolutely! We do many special orders, especially for our manufacturing customer base. All special orders are produced for you at the YKK factory (most at the Macon, GA facility) and drop shipped right to your door from the factory. We can get you any YKK product in any length and color!

What are the minimums for special orders?

It depends on the item, typically 100 or more per item of the same length and color.

How long do special orders take?

That depends on many variables. Remember, these special orders are not in-stock items and must be made for you at the manufacturing facility. Generally any YKK product made in the USA takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on the production schedules at the time. Some YKK products are only made at the YKK Japan facility and that can take 8-12 weeks for delivery by boat or 4-6 weeks if you choose to have the products shipped by Air, which costs extra.

How do I place special orders?

The items listed on the Price List/Order Form are mainly stocked for our customers in the repair trade. If you are looking for an item that is not listed here, no worries as we can get you any item YKK produces in any length and color. Please send Scott an email at for special order requests and he will get back to you with price and lead time. In your request for a special order please provide the following:

  1. TYPE OF ZIPPER…Coil, Vislon (molded plastic), or Metal (if metal what finish of teeth…brass, aluminum, nickel, antique brass, etc.)
  2. SIZE OF THE ZIPPER…each zipper is sized with a number based on the size of the teeth…that larger the number, the bigger the teeth. Standard size is #5 and the largest size is #10. Usually the slider will have a number on the body that will tell you the size of a YKK zipper.
  3. FUNCTION OF ZIPPER…Separating Jacket Type, Open Top Closed Bottom, Closed Ends, 2-WAY, Reversible, etc.
  4. TYPE OF SLIDER ON THE ZIPPER…Locking, Non-Locking, Reversible, etc.
  5. LENGTH OF THE ZIPPER. Zippers can be ordered in any length down to 1/10th of an inch.
  6. COLOR OF THE ZIPPER TAPE. Every color under the rainbow is available from YKK.
  7. QUANTITY. Tell us how many of each zipper you are requesting because the more you order the more we can discount.
  8. Please provide pictures if you have them or YKK item codes as well as this will help us determine exactly what you need. This is not necessary but will help if available.
  9. If you need help determining any of this information you can find it within the menu buttons at the home page of …go to YKK Zippers or Online Catalog.
  10. Special orders drop shipped direct from the YKK factory cannot be returned, only in-stock items may be returned, so it is very important that we make every effort to be clear on the exact item to be special ordered.

How long will it take to get my order/when will my order ship?

All orders are processed the same day that you place the order (up to 2:30pm Central time Monday to Friday). All orders are sent via UPS ground or USPS priority mail. About 90% of the orders are delivered within 2 business days. Please go to the CUSTOMER SERVICE > FAST/FREE DELIVERY menu at to see delivery schedules. We can expedite any order if there is a rush; there will be the appropriate extra charge for this expedited service and we will work with you and the shipping carrier to help keep that cost as low as possible.

*Make sure you provide your email address at time of order to get package tracking information emailed to you so you know exactly where the package is and when it will be delivered.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! All in-stock orders over $200 (merchandise total after all discounts) are shipped for free. Otherwise, there is a flat fee for orders under $200. All special orders will be assessed shipping charges from the YKK factory it is produced at.

What are my payment options?

Most customers choose to pay by Credit/Debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. All of our credit card processing is 100% secure. We are a small business and we have complete control of our databases so there is no chance of your information being compromised with us. In addition, our online order form has the most secure form of online payments possible…no worries when purchasing with us.

If you would like to be considered for an open billed account, fast and simple one page credit applications are available at Open account terms are NET 30 DAYS. Past due accounts are subject to a 1.5% monthly finance charge (18% annually). This finance charge will be assessed on all late invoices, no exceptions. All past due accounts are automatically sent to a collection agency after 60 days past due. Statements are mailed monthly for past-due accounts only.

*All first time orders must be with paid by credit card, then upon filling out credit application open billed terms of net 30 days can by extended. Returned NSF check fee is $20 for each occurrence. Credit card payment must occur at time of sale; credit card payment issued days after the sale will incur a 3% charge on the total of the balance paid.

Are all the colors on the color chart available for all zippers?

No. The color chart located at RESOURCES > COLOR CHART on the home page of and on the back of the catalog, is a general view of the colors we have available in some of the zippers. The price list and online order form will list which zippers are available in each selection. Cross reference that with the colors shown on the color chart. If that color is not listed it can be special ordered (see information on special orders), literally hundreds of colors can be special ordered for every zipper.

What is your backorder policy?

Backorders are rare, less than 4% of orders. When backorders do occur, the backordered item will be circled on your packing list and an estimated date of shipment will be noted on the invoice. Backordered items will be shipped to you at no charge when the product arrives.

Will it be easy to check my order in?

YES. When your package arrives you will find your merchandise to be neat and orderly. All zippers will be organized and rubber banded and all zipper parts and snaps will be packaged and labeled for easy check in. You can see how neat and packaged your order will be by going to the CUSTOMER SERVICE menu at Your invoice will be inside your package and will be stapled to the packing list. The packing list will either be our price list or a printout from the online order form. A new price list/order form will be included in your package.

Can I add on to my order after it is placed?

Yes, but it might incur a second package and the shipping cost associated with that. Since we ship right away it is always wise to have your order organized and place the entire order at one time as we do our best to ship your package right away.

What is your return policy?

All returns must be returned to us within 15 days of sale. Authorization must be obtained prior to any return. Unauthorized returns and all returns that are not a result of our error could be subject to a 20% restocking charge. Special orders from the factory cannot be returned, only stock items may be returned. Upon authorization, returned items should be sent to Quality Zipper; 308 2nd Ave N STE 201; Grand Forks, ND 58203.

Where are YKK products made?

About 95% of the YKK items we stock are made in the USA, most at the manufacturing facility in Macon, GA. YKK has manufacturing plants in many countries all over the world but just about all of the popular items that we choose to stock are made in the USA!

What are your business hours?

Phone hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 to 4:30 pm Central time. Online orders can be placed 24/7/365 days a year via In addition, email is another way to get ahold of us after hours at The website is an excellent resource that is also available 24/7/365 days a year to help you with all your questions.


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